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Consistently outperforming traditional cost-containment methods, ClearHealth’s approach allows you to reach and maintain your savings objectives.

No two ClearHealth clients are alike. Therefore, neither are their pricing solutions. Whether you are inclined to maximize savings or minimize provider noise, ClearHealth’s flexible platform allows you to construct and adjust the program to achieve meaningful savings that consistently support your goals.

No matter your objectives, ClearHealth’s comprehensive approach combines all 16 Medicare methodologies with a proprietary gap-fill methodology for services not covered by Medicare to deliver an average of 70% of savings.

Unmatched by others in the industry, ClearHealth’s Appeal Management team further preserves those savings by retaining on average 93% of original savings. Our team is comprised of talent with decades of experience who boast executive levels of leadership in large claim administration organizations. Acting as an extension of your organization, they aim to achieve fast and final resolutions for you and your clients.

Contact us about using your own data to plug in different program configurations and determine what is the best solution for you.

Join others who have increased their savings.

2019 average savings: 71.7%
Historical average savings: 71.0%
Historical average appeal rate: 1.55%