Standardizing Healthcare Costs.

Are you concerned about rising health care costs?

In recent years, price disparity has gotten worse in the healthcare industry and it is more common to see abnormally high costs for routine procedures. ClearHealth addresses this through a very reasonable approach to allowing a markup above what Medicare allows for services.

ClearHealth leads the way in reference-based pricing programs using Medicare rates and other industry information to standardize healthcare costs. Using Medicare-based rates as the benchmark allows for health plans to allow reasonable provider payments and have predictability of costs. Review our services and you will find various pricing models including:

  • Out-of-network (non-participating) pricing
  • Full or Partial PPO replacement models
  • Contracted provider pricing

Join ClearHealth and standardize your healthcare payments today!

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Customize your program by selecting from ClearHealth’s widest array of reference-based pricing models.

All claims outside of a primary PPO network.

Full PPO Replacement

Fully replace the PPO network.

Replace facility or professional providers.

Contracted Provider Pricing

Reliable pricing for your provider agreements.

Confidently implement reference-based pricing in your organization knowing our team has decades of experience in creating mainstream pricing strategies for the healthcare industry.