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When challenged with maximizing savings without disrupting the patient experience, creating a cost management solution for your out-of-network needs may seem unattainable. But it doesn’t have to be.

ClearHealth allows payers to minimize their out-of-network exposure by offering a comprehensive continuum of products that deliver a solution with the most retained savings, and best outcomes. Our clients say we’re an indispensable partner.

Stop settling for less

ClearHealth delivers the best out-of-network solutions in the health care industry with the most retained savings, transparency and the least noise.

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Customize your program by selecting from ClearHealth’s widest array of reference-based pricing models.

All claims outside of a primary PPO network.

Fully replace the PPO network.

Replace facility or professional providers.

Reliable pricing for your provider agreements.

ClearHealth Prepares You for the No Surprises Act

The law goes into effect on January 1, 2022 In less than a year—by January 2022—payers will have to comply with new surprise billing legislation, and many are scrambling to figure out what it means to them and how to prepare for compliance. As is common with Federal regs, there are ambiguities—such as [...]

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What can we do about the cost of healthcare right NOW?

What can we do about the cost of healthcare right NOW? I was having a conversation last week with a third-party administrator that we haven't worked with in the past. We had a lengthy conversation about the state of the industry, the frustration around rising healthcare costs, and the lack of real solutions. [...]

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Are RBP and behavioral health related?

Are reference-based pricing and behavioral health related? Reference-based pricing (RBP), or Medicare-based pricing (MBP, as we like to use at ClearHealth) are heating up throughout the industry. There is more and more being discussed in the way of RBP and MBP, and the industry has taken a serious look at the ways to [...]

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What should a PPO network look like today?

What should a PPO network look like today? The concept of a provider network has been instrumental in the healthcare industry for more than a few decades. And, whatever the variety of the network in place - HMO, EPO, PPO, ACO - with some nuances, the idea is mostly the same...provide access to [...]

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