A robust solution with

Predictable costs

Replacing charge-based reimbursement with Medicare-based reimbursement provides an effective and defensible repricing solution that delivers deep discounts that are widely accepted by providers.

Our solution is not constrained by provider contracts, allowing ClearHealth to continuously work with our payer clients and their data to optimize out-of-network results. Using real-time data analytics, ClearHealth can help you quickly address problem areas.

The Medicare RBP methodology provides deep savings that are consistent, defensible, and repeatable. When combined with the ClearHealth flexible platform and comprehensive analytics, this methodology offers the unparalleled opportunity to customize your Medicare RBP solution to meet your specific objectives.

By equipping you with proactive and ongoing analytics ClearHealth plays an integral role in helping you create a program that yields the highest return. Our data mining capabilities will recognize your risk tolerance and help you discover egregious billing practices so you can make timely informed decisions from your own data.

Contact us about using your own data to plug in different program configurations and determine what is the best solution for you.